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Dating a Silicone Celebrity: Custom-made Sex Dolls

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Article by Jay Tesst

The celebrity dream

Everyone, at least I think, in one time in their life has seen a celebrity and wanted more that just to admire from afar. What if you were able to touch, interact and be intimate with the star of your dreams.

Of course, for most of us, this is just a mere fantasy, because intimacy with a living and breathing Hollywood star is mostly out of reach. Not to mention the complication of people having real-life feelings and well, you might want to, but would they?

Custom made sex dolls

Now that we have finally entered the era of affordable custom made sex dolls there is an option for you to create the look-a-like of your dreams.

But why not an exact copy? Well first of all, would you want to be cloned into a sex doll? And secondly, a look-a-like can be an improvement on your fantasy.

All the benefits of your most intimate fantasies improved. Want a Lara Croft with smaller boobs? A blonde Wonder Woman? Now with the ability to craft a custom fantasy sex doll, the options are endless.

Look-a-like sex dolls

So, maybe it’s a bit hard to imagine what I’m getting at. I mean how can a TPE love doll become the woman or man of your dreams?

Luckily there is so much good stuff out there we can quickly show you an example of what is to come. Of what you can order online, to create your very own celebrity sex doll.

The world of custom-made celeb sex dolls is relatively new, but with some imagination, you can create your own better version of Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, or Angelina Jolie.

Well not the actresses themselves, but a close resemblance to the movie character of your dreams.

Emma Watson: Erecto Libido

Ever since her brilliant performances in Harry Potter, her portrayal of Belle, or her appearance next to Russel Crowe in Noah, people have admired this wonderful person from afar. If not for her acting performance, for the great work she does across the globe, and what seems to be an awesome personality.

And as we are sure, judging by the doctored pictures online, many have created a wonderful, if not very intimate, fantasy about her.

But how would you go about creating an artificial companion that is not Emma, but sure as heck looks a lot like her?

Allow me to take you on a creational journey to the celebrity sex doll of your dreams.

Of course, first, we might need a little TPE sex doll disclaimer. We are dealing in fantasies here, so creating a look-a-like never has the intention of creating “the real thing” or infringing on a copyright. This is YOUR personal look-a-like celeb sex doll.

As you might well know there is now a wide variety of sex doll models available. Affordable, customisable, and so: a made to measure sex doll.

Our doll of choice for an Emma look-a-like celeb sex doll would be YL Dolls Leslie available through Southern Treasures.

As you can see when you click the link, the resemblance is striking. Change her hair to a short chestnut bob, dress her up in a pretty ball gown, and Belle, your Belle, is all yours.

And you do not have to be a beast, nor have magical tableware to enchant her so that she will join you in your enchanting bedroom. Although adding a rose to the scene will probably add to the ambience.

Celeb Sex Doll: Is the sky the limit?

In a sense, yes, very much so. The fact that you can mix and match dolls, wigs, outfits and basically everything about your TPE sex companion makes the possibilities endless. Of course, bodily and facial features will be a close match, look-a-likes often are.

But the great thing is, the first time you get more intimate with your sex doll, you can explore that which has been out of reach to many, if not all of its admirers. And this love doll is yours, to have, to hold, to love and to do with whatever you see fit.

Recreating your movie character sex doll is easier than you might think

Of course, not everyone wants that almost exact match, if a character is so fictional, the actor or actress transcends their physical appearance it is actually even easier to create a doll that is up for some very, very intimate cosplay.

At Southern Treasures, for example, they sell Gemma by WM Doll, and she comes, if you so wish, dressed up as Harley Quinn.

An almost off the shelf sex doll to recreate your own D.C. Comics erotic fantasy.

With the added bonus of none of the sociopathic behaviour, while you can go full Joker on her. Just imagine the mischief you both can have. Share intimate moments, without the interruption of a Bat-a-rang or a very disgruntled caped crusader.

Harley is yours to have, to hold, to cherish and to be your TPE sex companion for as long as you like.

Loving Lara: Celeb Sex doll possibilities

Everybody knows Lara, if not from the games, the movies of this Tomb Raider have inspired many a boyhood fantasy. The tough exterior, the amazing curves, the adventurous spirit and those incredible luscious lips.

Everyone has wanted to be the strong guy helping Lara out in the quest to find her father, save the world, and the rest of the time.

Imagine being there when Lara, in need of affection, love and care, after a hard day of exploring dangerous tombs, comes home.

To you her lover, finding the strength to do away with the dirt and grime of an adventure. And willing to take you along for the ride of your life.

Look into her eyes, seeing those gorgeous lips, make sure you are her knight in shining armour. Give her the night of her life, and well, of course, have the night of your life with this celeb look-a-like adventurer in your bed.

Building your own Lara shouldn’t be too hard, and now Southern Treasures has got your back. Our Lara look-a-like love doll is easily ordered.

Dress her up as the adventurer she is, or if you’d like her to be even more sultry, find her some nice lace lingerie.

Cover your TPE Lover’s curves in the fabric that makes her even more desirable to you, and you can have the adventures you’ve always dreamed of.

And the great thing is, she is very willing, even if the “real” Lara might not be.

Limitless fantasies come true with custom-made sex dolls

Of course, the examples above are of those stars made famous by Hollywood. And of course, that might be completely your thing. But what of those we admire because of other talents like singing, dancing and any other performance that made them a celebrity to be admired, and well, fantasised about.

If you are into modern music, I am sure you have heard of Taylor Swift.

This American Singer-Songwriter, multi-Grammy award winner has an awesome musical talent.

And of course, we all appreciate her for that, in the modern musical world, being this good is not an easy feat.

Having said all that, Taylor is also quite stunning when it comes to her physique. A physique that can be matched by your own custom love doll.

Giving you a chance to be with your very own version of your musical idol.

Southern treasures would love to help you match your musical fantasies by offering you some help in creating your path towards celeb look alike sex.

In this case, we have several options for you. For example, meet Skylar by 6YE doll:

With a few adaptations, like for instance a blonde wig and some eye colour tuning you will find her hard to distinguish from your musical idol.

And if you would like a softer look our WM Doll "Jen" sex doll might be for you. If you don’t like the Wonder woman look, you can swiftly (pun intended) change her to your musical liking with again a blonde wig and blue eyes.

So, take, either, or use both, for your own celebrity sex doll ménage a trois.

Live your fantasies but be realistic: Sex Doll Celebrity Doppelgänger

In all this celebrity fantasy it’s always good to have some realism thrown into the mix. Of course, your TPE sex doll will be a Celebrity Doppelgänger, that is to say, the doll will look almost the same. Your new TPE celebrity sex doll is, of course, made to measure, but let’s be real for a second. Never will it be exactly the same, it’s not something you’d want.

Not only is at an opportunity to get the best out of your fantasy, but it also saves you a lot of copyright worries, not to mention lawsuits for wanting to do things with an exact imitation of a movie character.

But does that make your TPE celeb sex doll any less attractive? No of course not, and the great thing is, with a wardrobe change you can recreate as many Celebrity Doppelgängers as you’d like. If you’re into Lara, or maybe Maleficent or even Jane Smith (murderous husband excluded) you can interchange all the props and recreate fantasy after fantasy.

You could say a celeb sex doll is a way to go for any Hollywood enthusiast wanting something more from their fantasy idol.

In conclusion

In the world of celebrity sex doll creation, there really are just very few limits in creating a sex doll with the allure of a Hollywood star without the expense of having to care for an actual movie star.

Just imagine how much champagne is saved by investing your money not in Bollinger, but in a new look-a-like sex companion.

So have a look at what Southern Treasures has to offer, choose from a base model, adapt your soon to be celeb sex doll and create the fantasy you’ve always wanted.

The store offers many options when it comes to creating your TPE sex doll, has an excellent service and is ready to help you make your celebrity sex dream come true.

So why not start out with Leslie, Skylar or Jen, and before you know it you are having the movie night of your life.

And the great thing is, it doesn’t really matter where you are in the world, Southern Treasures ships your TPE Celeb Sex Doll worldwide, with excellent customer service and an “if you’re not happy, we’re not happy guarantee.”

So now it’s entirely up to you create the celeb of your dreams; your fantasy Celeb Doppelgänger and have it your way with your fantasy love doll.

Realising your fantasies has never been so close and in reach.

Still not convinced? Visit the Southern Treasures website and have a look at all the customisation options there are.

You can create the sex doll of your dreams, with custom eye colour, and everything made to match from labia to areola. And of course, make sure your celeb is wearing your favourite shade of nail polish. Southern Treasures also offers a phenomenal range of customisable hair colours and hairstyles, enabling you to have your Taylor, your Lara or your Harley to wear their hair as you like it.

The only limit here is your imagination!

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