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The Rise Of Starpery Doll

Article by Ryan James

Believe the hype. Starpery Doll really are taking over in holding the proverbial title of making the most realistic sex dolls. They have taken innovation to a new level in designing their models to have a likeness to a human like no other.

The stereotype that we have come to accept is that men like flawless women. Photo-shopped “Cover girls” with immaculate glistening skin.

Some sex doll brands take this linear, two dimensional approach to their dolls with immaculate features, but from the customers I have spoken to, they just want a doll that is realistic without the supermodel attributes and believe it or not, many are after a “Plain Jane”, or the girl next-door kind of look.

Although your love doll won’t really have a personality, my belief is that having a doll that is overly glamorised, might have the feel of having a high demand kind of woman.

I don’t think Starpery Dolls fit that category but they are absolutely stunning in their own right.

A lot of men simply don’t want the silly hourglass figure with the massive boobs, and the tiny waist you could almost wrap one hand around. It’s cartoon-like and doesn’t sit well with a lot of doll enthusiasts. Some men love plump women, or perhaps women with smaller breasts. This is where Starpery have taken on something different, and have chosen to keep their body frame/builds proportionate and in turn, adds to the realism of the experience.

Starpery Sex Doll Amy
Starpery Doll Amy

Tan lines is something that most brands don’t offer, and Starpery have picked up on this major sexy turn on and delivered it with amazing results! Take Sarah for example. Those bikini lines are simply jaw-dropping. A customer of mine said: “The contrast in skin tone is astounding”. There is also body paint detailing/shading which gives the look of true flesh.

The other most notable features of Starpery are the addition of veins, moles, and freckles.

These blemishes, I like to call these beauty marks. Take supermodel Cindy Crawford or icon Marilyn Monroe for example. These, I believe are trademarks which add to the essence of their beauty. Many women like to cover up moles with makeup because it makes them feel unattractive, but having a mole near your lips certainly does draw attention to them and make them highly desirable. Hedy doll is one example of this.

Nipples Detail

The detail of the areolas or “nipples” are next level. There is particular attention paid to the small bumps in that area, known as Montgomery glands. In real life, these sebaceous oil glands are usually not visible until you are aroused or pregnant, in which case they start to swell. Hats off to Starpery for this enhanced addition. Who wouldn’t want an aroused doll?

From $2790 AUD, the Starpery line-up have so many inclusions at no extra cost giving you more bang for your buck.

And For a limited time, we have on offer: Free upgrade of the latest gear-jointed skeleton, free implanted hair, free gel breasts, and free shrugging shoulders. A massive saving of over $800!

Hurry, offer ends 28th November 2021.

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