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World's Most Realistic Masturbators

When men set out to buy a new sex toy, they might not necessarily be looking in the right places. Many masturbators on the market look silly and disproportionate. The cup/cylinder or hand-held style masturbators just don't feel like natural sex because you have to move your hand back and forth, therefore not really simulating the real thing. We here at Southern Treasures, pride ourselves on sourcing not only the most durable TPE materials, but also the most lifelike of toys, giving smooth "skin", a pleasure to touch and the best stimulation possible.

Some searching for a sex doll may be quite surprised to know that they are relatively heavy. Realistically around 28-36kg on average. If you are after the full sized deal and don't mind the investment, a quality branded doll will give you many years of happiness and satisfaction. But what about for those on more of a budget? Perhaps you plan to move your special lady around the house more than usual. If weight, and money are an issue it is ideal to consider the alternative - A torso sex doll. With a weight of around 18kg, you have a more versatile toy that won't wear you out! It is also a better option for those that need absolute discretion. If you plan to hide your doll away, a full sized love doll might be tricky; but with a torso doll, finding the right space is far more likely. For example, you may store it in your wardrobe and place other items around or on top, keeping her out of sight from nosey guests!

Some customers of ours have mentioned that they've built purpose-made hard boxes with a locking mechanism for their doll, which can double as a bedroom seat/sofa. This would be ideal for a torso sex doll also.

Something else to keep in mind before buying a new torso or sex doll hip toy is the price vs weight. Sometimes what looks to be a real bargain with awesome looks, ends up being 2 or 3 kilos, so basically a very scaled-down version of a woman's parts. As the phrase goes, if it looks to good to be true then it probably is. Be sure to get all the dimensions and weight before proceeding.

We have a 70cm (total length) 18kg torso doll, and 4 models of hip segment sex doll (see 1st image link above) .

Our torso doll incorporates a stainless steel skeleton - Just the same as the full sized dolls, so it can be posed realistically for your time "in the sheets", or for photography sessions.

Our hip toys all have unique vulva and labia to suit everyone's taste! You've also got two holes to play with across all the range - Double the fun.

Our range here are promptly shipped from Sydney and you can rest assured that they will arrive at your door in plain cardboard packaging with no company or contents description!

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