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About us

Southern Treasures is a professional online Australian retailer of sex dolls and adult concept products. Based in Sydney, we are an international importer and distributor of high end intimate toys, with the most detailed and realistic pocket pussy and masturbators in the market.

We challenge you to find a more realistic Tantaly at a better price!

Our values

  • ​Customer - We invest time in understanding our customer needs and delivering them the best solutions

  • Product - To provide quality adult products at low prices

  • Discretion - To pack and ship items privately with no reference to its contents

  • Speed - Our unsurpassed service means all toys, and Australia stocked sex dolls are dispatched same or next business day guaranteed and normally arrive at your door within a week. Your inquiries are important to us and will be responded to promptly by one of our friendly sales staff


About our Dolls

Southern Treasures is the online market leader across the globe in the supply of companion sex dolls. We only distribute brands with the highest reputation. These include world renowned Starpery Doll, WM Doll, 6YE Doll, YL Doll and JY Doll.

We offer a wide range of customised dolls suited to every mans type of woman, be it slender, fit, curvy, voluptuous or otherwise.

Our customers don’t see our sex dolls as being inanimate objects. In fact, each dolls facial expression showcases different emotions such as gracefulness, mischievousness, submissiveness, or curiosity with the upmost fineness and detail. Our engineers and sculptors are committed to the vision of “creation” in the everlasting pursuit of attractiveness. Because of our sophisticated and versatile range of body types, faces and skin tones we are confident you will bond with your new sex doll beyond just sexual intimacy.

Our dolls are manufactured by injection moulding over a stainless steel skeleton, using TPE.

TPE, or Thermoplastic Elastomer uses a mix of melted plastic and rubber properties.

This technology is at the forefront of modern day sculpting and is a new method of manufacturing.

The material is highly flexible and has the ability to retain warmth. Great for cuddling in bed!

The materials from our factories are certified and are hypoallergenic - They do not contain irritants such as latex or phthalates.

The touch of our dolls feel soft and supple, just like human skin. The butt and breasts react with a “wobble” when pat or spanked. In fact, we've now entered the phase of Gel or "jelly" filled breasts. Just one of many advancements from our factories.

The joints of your real doll can be manipulated and extended freely to pose many different positions.

Each dolls face that you see in our gallery and product page is unique and has been designed by an experienced sculptor and we now offer a range of dolls with ultra realistic faces made from advanced silicone. 

You'll be amazed at how life-like our dolls are.


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