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We'll Sleeve It Up To You!

In the sex doll world, there are 2 choices when it comes to the vagina: Fixed, or removable. The removable vaginas are also known to enthusiasts as sleeves or inserts. So What's the difference?

First off, this can sometimes confuse customers because they think that the removable vagina is the "entire unit" that is inserted and removed. In fact, all sex dolls have the fixed vagina, meaning, that her sweet bits (vulva, labia, clitoris) are all there straight out of the production mould, BUT there is the option to add to your order the removable sleeve.

We get inquiries from time to time asking if it's possible to choose the outer "style" of her parts, however, each doll's vagina is unique. Or to specify, each doll's entire body from any given brand is unique. They don't add the vagina afterwards, it's already there. The only exception to the rule is the heads which are interchangeable.

The removable sleeve is basically a cylinder shaped accessory with a tunnel or canal of it's own and sealed at the end. Made from TPE, (the same material as your sex doll) it is inserted into the vaginal canal and it acts as a collection point for your post-excitement love honey!

In this way, it can save clean-up time. The traditional way to clean your doll without a sleeve, is to insert the enema/water plunger inside her (with some hand-wash or shower gel), and flush her out, holding a small dish for example, underneath to collect the fluid. Below is a basic guide of using the removable sleeve.

To insert, simply apply some talc around the sleeve (some people prefer applying a thin layer of lube). Then, with one hand, gently pry open the prefixed hole (vagina) and with the other, insert the sleeve by turning it from from side to side, or in a "screw-in" motion. After ejaculation, spread her legs a little and simply grasp the insert from within and slowly and gently repeat the above steps only pulling out. To avoid fluid spills, a trick is to bend her pelvis upwards so her legs are in the air. Think of the sleeve like a "cup". When removing it, you are more taking it out in an upwards motion rather than down.

The great thing about our removable sex doll sleeves is that no matter what brand or model of doll you may already have, they are compatible with all.

For any custom/factory sex doll purchase, you can request a sleeve for free. So you have the option of using it for intimate times with your doll, or going without. Try it out and see what works best for you. What's great is that you can also take just the insert with you if you're on the go.

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