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It's a FAKE! 10 Ways To Avoid a Counterfeit Sex Doll

Updated: May 22

Many unsuspecting buyers get lured in to buying something that turns out to be a fake, or something not quite what was expected. As an ever-evolving industry boom, many vendors are cashing in on the action which can see sex doll prices range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending really what's on offer.

Unfortunately, scamming vendors in Australia have also popped up leaving customers disappointed.

Even if a website offers product return protection, having to post a doll back to the supplier would be more costly than what it's worth. Our detailed report shows some of the things to watch out for when considering investing your money on a new sex doll.

UPDATE: We now have local stock right here in Sydney Australia. These dolls are ready to be shipped out from our Sydney office. Typical time-frame for arrival to your door is around 5-7 days Australia wide. If you would prefer to custom-build your doll from the factory, that is definitely an option!

fake sex doll vs real

fake sex doll vs real

1) Accuracy

How accurate is your doll compared to the pictures advertised? Vendors of fake dolls will get the pictures from the manufacturer and sell something that might look similar but not the same.

Take the above example of "157cm with #162 Head" by WM Doll. The doll on the left looks like a close copy but it's definitely not the same when you put the two together. An authentic doll will be 100% identical to the pictures. The doll should have soft elasticity and the breasts and buttocks should bounce freely when spanked. Fakes will always have a rough and overly firm finish, and the dolls face will not look the same as what was advertised. In Some cases, the seller will buy a genuine head from the authentic brand manufacturer and send it with a fake body. Or another trick is where the counterfeiter will buy a genuine head and cast, and re-mould it. The below video goes into some detail on this deceiving tactic.

2) Difficulty contacting your supplier

You don't want to wait days or worst case, weeks trying to find out the status of your doll order. Some of our customers prior buying mistakes gave us insight as to why a fake was inevitable. Questions you might want to ask along the way...

Has your doll been manufactured yet? Has it cleared customs? Does your considered supplier have a phone number? If you can't contact your supplier with ease, or the details given on delivery updates are vague, it definitely is a warning sign for a fake doll; or worse, no doll at all. A legit vendor will always put their customer first by responding promptly to inquiries, and offering world-class solutions.

3) Too cheap

The obvious one here is a case of "you get what you pay for". If it looks too good to be true, it generally is. If you want a quality doll, you have to pay good money. If you see the same doll advertised elsewhere for a much cheaper price, it should send you immediate alarm bells. It is also worth checking if the supplier pays for all of the import tax. If it's not stated, your doll will cost you more on arrival when it's held up at customs. It is worthwhile buying from a reputable dealer the first time.

4) Too light

A quality sex doll should be built from the highest quality materials including a solid stainless steel frame.

Quality dolls are HEAVY, and normally range from around 24-50kg (52-110lbs). Light dolls represent poor materials like cheap bendable wire frames.

5) Mode of payment

The safest form of payment when buying online is by credit card and Paypal. A Payment rail like Paypal is assurance to the customer that they will get their money back if they fall victim to a scam. To be on the safe side, it is generally best to avoid payment via direct deposit, or Western Union, as these transactions are undetectable if a claim was to arise.

6) Lack of product detail and description

If you come across a site that is jam-packed with pictures but has a lack of detail about the doll, chances are you're on the path to receiving a fake doll. Detailed descriptions should include the dolls height, weight, joint movements, and what customisations are available to you. If you can't customise any features at all, it's most likely the doll being showcased to you is not what will be sent, since genuine dolls will always have some choices of skin colour, toe nail colour and so-on. Most importantly, broken english will generally mean that the vendor has not invested time or money in a copywriter or editor and perhaps might not be a legitimate business.

7) Shipping Time

Dolls are almost always sent via express shipping however will generally take around 3-4 weeks from the production process to your front door. Some genuine dolls are kept and distributed locally which is fine and would therefore arrive quickly, however since genuine sex dolls can be made to your specification, they have to be produced from scratch which does take longer. You should steer clear of any seller that refuses your specific body requests.

8) No brand mentioned

If a websites gallery has everything from pictures to a description but doesn't tell you what brand the doll is, the doll is most likely to be a fake. It's also a distraction for the customer from doing their own homework.

9) Photoshopped Images

Copyright owners have started to watermark their images to protect their brand. The vendor selling fakes will Photoshop or "airbrush" the images. Often, the trademark is digitally erased from the images. This is a huge infringement on intellectual property and also a blatant giveaway that it's not authentic.

10) Certificate of Authenticity

Last but not least, all of our dolls come with a certificate of authenticity with a serial number card whereby you can look up your doll on the official homepage of the brand to know exactly where your doll came from. Be sure to ask the shop you are buying from whether the doll comes with a certificate of authenticity. Whatever answer you get, you'll know for sure if it is indeed, genuine.

We don't own the below video, but we see its value nontheless. Don't fall victim to a scam!

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