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This Forum is designed for Southern Treasures members to express their own thoughts and experiences on our products. The thoughts and opinions expressed on this Forum are those of the participants and not of Southern Treasures. We do not endorse or support any posted thoughts or opinions or guarantee the accuracy of any of the information or facts appearing on the Forum.

You warrant that the User-Generated Content and your use of the User-Generated Content in the Forum:
(1) complies with all Applicable Laws;
(2) is not obscene, indecent, excessively violent, false, misleading, deceptive, fraudulent or defamatory;
(3) does not infringe any intellectual property rights or other rights of any entity or person;
(4) does not include pornography or human nudity;
(5) is not damaging to our servers or any other servers on the internet; 
(6) does not contain any promotional material or advertising for commercial purposes or personal financial gain. 
(7) does not advertise used goods or seek to purchase used goods from other Members; and
(8) does not include material or resources relating to hacking/phreaking, viruses, anarchy, or that promote or participate in wilful harm to Internet sites or providers.


We may suspend your membership or restrict your access to the Site if you do not comply with these Forum Terms and Conditions. 

We retain the right to moderate any comment or written content submitted to our website and to remove any content we deem to have violated our policies.



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