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A beginner’s guide to sex dolls: The sex doll tutorial for you

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

The Sexual upgrade

After some time of using your favourite masturbator, you’ve decided to upgrade to a new TPE sexdoll.

You yourself, of course, know the reason why, but we’re guessing you’d like to go from the almost real feel of a great masturbator to the near life-like experience of having sex with a life-size artificial companion.

Of course, your new sex doll has a lot more entrances to enjoy. She is equipped with a vulva and of course, a vagina; her mouth is at your disposal, as well as the possibility of anal sex.

Much like your masturbator, there is one prerequisite for using all her holes. And of course, that is the use of some good water-based lubricant.

If you’re up for an even more realistic experience when making love to your artificial companion, we have the Pussy Juice Vagina Scented Lube. Now you can smell her excitement as well, and there’s nothing like the smell of excitement from your sex partner.

While we are on the subject of smell, of course, you’d want your new lover to smell great, but if you plan on applying any cologne or perfume be sure to never apply it directly to her skin, as this might cause some unwanted damage.

You’ve now stepped up your game quite a lot, finally a hands-free sex experience, with the sights and smells of great sex.

And of course, your new sex doll can be placed in any position you like, all the joints will move so your lover will lay down for you exactly the way you want. Want a sultry lady opening up for you in bed, or a more naughty girl, waiting for you on hands and knees? You can make this happen, fairly easily. Or if you’d like she can be tied down awaiting everything you give to her, the way you want to.

Romance is just around the corner

Of course, your new artificial companion is so much more than just a sex toy. As she will gladly sit through your romantic dinner, watch TV with you, enjoy your company and be that silent listening partner you’ve always longed for. Share your deepest secrets, express your pain or anguish, and of course, your most erotic fantasies with her.

Dress up your life-size sex doll, to match your mood, your fantasies or just the one thing that turns you on most; she will go along with pretty much everything you’d want, as long as you like.

Intimate moments with your sex doll

Nothing like a lovely warm romantic cuddle after having great sex. Need an arm around you? The feel of warm flesh pressed against your own will provide the ultimate comfort. (Yes TPE material warms up perfectly with your own body temperature) Give her that soft sneaky kiss on the back of her neck. Want to just lay there, head on her chest? Make the moment last longer, or even in a bout of pure passion, have more of her and do it all over again.

Your doll will always be at your disposal, whenever, wherever and however you’d like to have her.

Make your companion right for you

Of course, you want to have the lady of your dreams, but while you are free to customise your new TPE lover the way you see fit, please keep some of the following in mind.

1. Her weight: Will she be staying in your bedroom all the time? Or are you wanting to move her about the house (or outside) more often? The weights of our sex dolls range from approximately 28kg at their lightest to about 52kg at their heaviest. And although 52 kg is still very petite, having to lift her through your house a lot will become a challenge in the long run. So, make sure she is not too heavy if she will be an out and about girl for you.

2. Her hair: If you are into more than one hair colour, or even into different hairstyles, why not consider ordering an extra wig, so you can easily change your blonde lover to a red-headed minx, or your brunette baby to a raven-haired mistress. Check out our professional sex doll wigs that really take the cake on standard machine made wigs in terms of durability and realism.

Cleaning your sex doll

When you are done with a night of intimate romance and hopefully a great fun night spent with your new artificial lover, there is the part where you need to clean up. Not only do you need to straighten the sheets and put away all the stray clothes. No, your sex doll also needs to be taken care of, that is, if you’d like to be in her company for a very long time. In our guide called Sex Doll Care, we explain the basics of how to clean and maintain your TPE sex doll to such a degree that she will be your permanent companion for you for a long time, ready for you to have her, if and when you want to.

Our very comprehensive guide of instructions touches on subjects on how to clean your sex doll, and yes even her most private parts, as well as how to maintain her beautiful lifelike skin.

It details How to prevent your doll from staining and of course, how to store her, should you decide to keep her for yourself and not share her presence with others.

And so, this concludes our brief tutorial on how to use a sex doll. Of course, there is so much more to say, but with this short guide to sex doll usage, you will be well on your way to enjoying your TPE sex doll the way you want, while keeping your doll clean, safe and in good condition.

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