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Sex Doll Care - How To Clean & Maintain

Updated: May 26, 2019

Your doll is an exciting yet expensive investment. To keep your doll as soft and supple as the day you met, we've shown below some basic care instructions for looking after your small fortune. She gives you the world, treat her like a princess!

how to clean your sex doll

Cleaning your doll

It is recommended to clean your dolls skin around every 2-4 weeks. Use a soft cloth with shower gel and water. Don't scrub vigorously and don't use an abrasive loofa or scratch sponge as this may damage the TPE material.

Be cautious around the dolls eyes and eyelids as you don't want to wet these areas.

If you want to avoid the clean-up, the most hygenic way of intimacy with your doll is by using a condom. If you'd prefer to go bare, the dolls orifices or "cavities" should be flushed out using the included enema / douche bulb cleaner. This step is important as an uncleaned doll is likely to cause a build up of mould. Dark and damp crevices are breeding grounds for bacteria.

Fill the emema with cold water and a little shower gel. Insert the tube into the orifice and squeeze the bulb end for a "high pressure" clean. Repeat this step as necessary with just cold water. To assist catching the running water, hold a small container or place a towel below the area to be cleaned.

To dry the insides, insert a soft microfibre cloth.

Bathing with your doll

It is generally best to avoid showering with your doll. Although waterproof, the dolls head should not be saturated or submerged in water as this is likely to cause rust build up in the screw joints between the head and body.

When having a bath with your doll, a warm temperature is fine (Never use boiling or hot water on your doll). When drying your doll, it is best to avoid the use of a hair dryer as high heat may melt or damage the skin. Dry your doll with a towel or microfibre towel for a quick dry.

Wash your dolls wig just like you would human hair. Use conditioner after shampooing and remember to brush through when wet to avoid knots and tangles when it dries.


Sex doll skin over time, may become sticky and attract lint or dust. It is important to rejuvenate your dolls skin by applying "renowal powder" or talcum powder. It's like unboxing your doll all over again by giving the doll a fresh look and feel. It is best to powder your doll when it is completely dry, otherwise the powder may clump.

For smoothness and a consistent spread, use a makeup brush for application. There's no golden rule for Powdering your doll, just do it as often as necessary when the skin seems to become "magnetic".

UPDATE: From new advancements of TPE technology, all Southern Treasures dolls now don't require powdering! No more headaches or inconveniences, just love your doll some more!


To avoid permanently staining your doll, ALWAYS wash new clothing before dressing her. If the clothing is not colour-fast, the dyes may seep into the skin. This is especially true of dark coloured clothing so it's best to avoid black, and materials like polyester (including bed sheets). Your doll is valuable so buy it expensive clothes!

Cotton and denim are the very best, risk reduced options for clothing.

Keep your doll away from anything ink-based such as books / magazines, painted surfaces.

Stain removal: If you are able to catch a stain quickly, dab the area lightly with cotton wool buds dipped in olive oil. Is this treatment is not successful, repeat this process with odourless mineral spirits. Keep in mind that doing this on the dolls makeup, such as the face, nipples, or labia, may cause unintentional colour removal of those areas.

Handling your doll

Your doll should be treated delicately. Quality TPE dolls are heavy so avoid knocking or dropping her when carrying or transporting.

When experimenting with your dolls joint abilities, move her limbs slowly as a new doll will be stiff initially, but will loosen up over time. The ankles are especially stiff since the dolls are designed to

"stand up" (even if you've selected a doll without stand-up prongs in the feet), and shouldn't have easy movement. The joints and elastic materials of your doll are extremely flexible, however it is important to avoid highly stretched positions over extended periods of time.


When you're not using your doll, keep her out of high heat areas. Just as it would be unwise for us to bake in the sun for hours on end, avoid strong sunlight for your doll also. Be sure not to let your doll rest near a window in summer as it may deteriorate the skin.

Keep in mind that the dolls orifices need to be kept dry when not in use for a long time. It's best to use a soft microfibre towel to stuff inside which will keep moisture out and prevent mould/bacteria build up.

It is best to store your doll in a wardrobe or under the bed using the original shipping box when not in use.

Creasing or indentations may occur from objects making contact on the dolls skin when being stored for a while. Simply apply a warm damp towel to the area to smooth out.

It is critical not to allow, or worse, leave your household pets unaccompanied with your doll. Imagine the type of damage that could be caused by your cat or dog. Ouch!

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