SKU: 148-D-JEN

Picture Jenny with her blond locks, cute face and lovely body, in your shower ready to get wet with you! You could have her standing up in the corner of your shower, or perched down on her legs. Maybe you will enter the shower and find her already holding the showerhead, giving you the idea to shower one and another. Either way, you have the perfect shower plaything! Jennifer has a very sexy body, including her lovely curvey waist and legs. If you pick Jennifer as your sex doll of choice, expect to be in love with her looks and be keen to have her all-around your home in plenty of different sexy positions. You will love the idea of her in her casual wear, laying on your bed, legs slightly crossed, head bent towards your direction, her eyes suggestive and waiting. Then with Jennifer on her knees faxing your bed, you have the perfect position to begin to remove her trousers and then her underwear revealing a very nice bum! Or how about the ultimate sexy image of this sex doll perched on a surface such as your wardrobe, chest down, legs up in the air, panties removed to her feet and naked everywhere else. There will not be much time in the day where you will not be thinking about Jennifer and giving her plenty of attention. This is a busty model with sexy hips and curves and a captivating but cute face, how could you turn Jen down?


    Brand: YL Doll

    Height - 148cm

    Vaginal depth - 18cm

    Anal depth - 16cm

    Mouth depth - 13cm


    Bust - 82cm

    Waist - 39cm

    Hip - 88cm


    Shoulder - 29cm

    Arm Length - 65cm

    Hand Length - 16cm

    Leg Length - 80cm

    Foot Length - 20cm


    Moveable joints: knees/legs/feet/arms/elbows/wrists/fingers


    Net weight - 30kg



    * 1x High Quality Wig

    * Sexy Underwear (at random)

    * Cleaning enema

    (Clothing / jewellery in pictures for demonstration purpose only - not included)




    * If you're not happy, we're not happy guarantee:

    We guarantee your doll will be identical to those pictured.

    Before dispatch of your doll from our factories, we will always provide you pictures of the finished product for quality assurance and peace of mind, to ensure you receive the correct order, and that it meets your expectations.

    If there is a defect with your sex doll, we will compensate or replace her at our own expense. See Returns for further information.


    * For sale in Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Japan.

    * Your doll will be shipped via DHL or UPS and will arrive at your designated address approx 3-4 weeks days after placing order. 

    * Discretion - Your item will be packed and shipped privately with no reference to its contents.


    * For longevity, always handle your doll with care. Avoid dropping or twisting the joints beyond their means.

    * Always wash your doll's inserts with warm soapy water after use.

    * Avoid storing in strong sunlight.