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Why Men Are Choosing to Stay Single

In some ways, thinking in particular Western society, finding a partner to settle down with or even just have a quick fling which seems like a life goal, we are accustomed to recognising as being ‘the norm’. But like many other areas of life, over time different factors within society can cause attitudes to change. As a result, changes can begin to occur in mainstream society. This can be seen in effect with regards to the increasing amount of men who are choosing the single life and are happy with taking that option.

According to recent reports, Sweden is the country with the most single people - nearly half of all households are those living the single lifestyle. Countries not far behind include Britain, Japan and Italy, in that order of ‘singleness’. But to once again make clear, this is not to say that men, in‌ ‌general, are necessarily finding it harder to find a partner, it is the fact that many men are choosing, preferring, to stay single. So why is this becoming an increasingly common situation?

Perhaps one contributing factor is the idea that in general, many parts of the Western world operate with more diversity than previous generations and as a result, people have become more comfortable with an alternative lifestyle.

Now, this is not to say that men have become uninterested in all of the different experiences they can have from being involved in a relationship. This is not to say that they do not have an interest in the companionship, intimacy or sexual sides of the equation. Rather they are just seeking those things through different methods, and one of these methods is by becoming involved with a different sort of sex companion, a sex doll.

The amount of men purchasing sex, or love doll, has been on the rise, especially in Western culture and within the last decade in particular. Of course, the reasons for each man to choose to have a sex doll in their house and even replace this life-like doll with a real human in their relationship will vary between each person. Common reasons include if a man finds it hard, perhaps through shyness, another reason, to meet women. But sometimes the man in question would have no issue meeting women if he desired, it's just he is more happy and content with this style of life.

It is also very important to remember that the reason for someone to choose a love doll is not necessarily for any related response to having real women as a partner. There are all sorts of fantasies and fetishes that people have, and some may find it easier to set about making them come true with a doll then another participating human. They would have to find someone who is the same way inclined, willing to indulge the fantasy, yet some fantasies are more unique than others and it can be hard to find someone to match those goals. Furthermore, many men have a fetish for dolls themselves, so it would be the sex doll that would be required to meet those desires.

Time, and the runnings of a typical modern life, present to us another suggestion of why men may choose to have a sex doll in their lives. It is often stated that we live a busier and at times chaotic lifestyle than any other generation. With this in mind, many men may decide that they can not devote the required time to a full-on relationship, so instead opt to a love doll setup, and have in place a form of a relationship that can play out on their own terms, fitting in with their current work-life and any other lifestyle considerations.

Then you have the angle that there is the possibility for a far less complex relationship to be gained. Humans are complicated creatures that have all sorts of different emotions and feelings to contend with and as a result, their partner has to react to them and has their life turning in a certain direction. Some men may feel that they are not in a place, for example, a mindset, where they want to be going through such a situation, They might just not fancy the idea at all and are instead looking for something simpler. With a sex doll, they are still able to quell their sexual desires to some extent.

Thanks to an increased amount of press coverage in the papers and digitally, the mainstream are more aware in the last decade or so of what a sex doll is. Sure, not all of the press talk on TPE dolls would have been positive, but either way, it has still helped to raise the profile of this lifestyle alternative. This could be another reason why more people have turned to this option as they are now more aware the option exists. And with this in mind, people may have gained further knowledge of how a love doll could be a positive figure in their life. For example, some of the media’s coverage has used the heavily stereotypical stance that dolls are used by creepy men who live in a basement and are up to no good. But in more recent times, we have had somewhat more positive looks at those that partner with a life-like doll, including men who just happen to enjoy the experience with no creepy undertones, and occasionally even some reports that look at how they may more profoundly help a man, for example, a guy who has lost their loved one and is not able to or wanting to move on to another relationship with a lady.

All of the above offers us more reasons as to why men are choosing to stay single and instead opt for a life shared with a realistic love doll. There is another further element to add to this whole topic looking at why more men are staying single and choosing to involve a sex doll in their life. Some men have an urge to see multiple women, sometimes at the same time, sometimes one after another, on a one night stand basis. Now doing so with real women can lead to trouble, not least hurting the women involved as well as the man themselves, especially if one of the people in question are cheating on a partner in the process. But say the real woman is replaced with a sex doll. Now, to have lots of different love dolls on the go would be a very expensive process, as they usually cost around a couple of thousand dollars each. It will be OK for the rich man but not the average one. And even money aside, storage, when the doll is not in use, would be a potential issue. However, there are now websites where a buyer can rent a doll for a while, then move on to another one, etc, etc. Now it can be argued that it is safer and morally better than a man uses sex dolls in this way rather than real women who have feelings. And this could be another one of the big attractions, the dolls do not have feelings and some men will find that a plus point.

Some men may have tried the life where they are in a relationship with another woman and it may have gone as far as putting them off another likewise relationship for the time being or even for good. They may have just discovered that it wasn’t for them and now found an alternative in sex dolls.

Now, it may be somewhat tricky to go back over the dating scene in the Western world and decide if it is a more complicated or simpler process - it can vary so much based on an individual’s circumstance. There would be an argument to say that with so many different formats, such as the rise of social media and online dating and of course app-based avenues such as Tinder, there are many more ways to date. But a just as fair counterpoint would be that this has made the dating scene harder, and may even have served to intimidate men in meeting women. The fact is, more and more people are looking at having a sex doll as a legitimate alternative to the ‘norm’.

And it could also be fairly pointed out that as well as the wave of new digital meeting platforms potentially serving to intimidate and confuse, there are so many ‘experts’ on websites and all through the media wanting to share their tips of how best men can meet someone, have a successful relationship, etc etc, one can be at a loss of where to start-especially considering the many volumes of counter-advice! Take Facebook, the large majority of Westerners use this social networking site and can’t help but be bombarded with adverts for ‘pick-up artists’, holding workshops, webinars offering advice on how to flirt/pick up/take her home/make her your girlfriend and all of this kind of thing and it can get too much! How do men know what to do and what not to find the ‘perfect’ lady? It is not to say that some of the information is not helpful for some, but for others. Because of the ‘openness’ of the internet and the danger of contradicting advice, it can cause more stress than anything else.

Furthermore, men may choose a sex doll for very personal reasons that could benefit their health. Studies have looked at, and personal experiences have confirmed, that some men have found that having a sex doll in their life can lead to them feeling happy and help relieve symptoms of depression. Some people can find the effects of a real doll to be somewhat therapeutic.

And of course, there is one of the most obvious reasons why more men may choose sex doll-for the sex! And sure this is something that people can gain as part of a healthy and satisfying relationship with a lady, but for all of the reasons looked at above, or any other number of reasons, a man may not have a partner for sexual desires.

Users of love dolls have made clear just how good the sex can be. Remember, we are not just talking about a doll that looks vaguely like a human, we are talking about very life-like dolls where men can carry out all sorts of fantasies. What is more, they can have with them their dream looking doll, down to body features, sizes and the clothes that they wear. These dolls can be put into all manner of sexy situations that a man may not get to try out with a lady but can make come true with a synthetic woman.

Whilst the cost of a doll may at first glance seem expensive, it is fair to point out the detail and quality of which they are made, and, although it's not to suggest that having a girlfriend is just one big money pit, being in a relationship can be an expensive business and some people may just not feel or want to commit financially. Men can sometimes find a form of pressure on having to pay for expensive gifts, dates, etc. A love doll only really has the initial cost of the doll and then any accessories or clothes that you want to purchase for them.

Just being able to have a doll in which to carry out your most wanted fantasies, as well as engaging in the act of coming up with plenty of other enjoyable fantasies, will be a reason enough for many to want a sex doll.

In summary, the facts show that more men are choosing to stay single and more are researching what it would be like to have a love doll in their lives. An increased amount of men are choosing to have a sex doll as their sole companion and the likelihood is that as the years go by we are going to see the option of a sex doll is becoming an increasingly preferred choice in society, and one that many more will be keen to embrace.

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