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"What Sex Doll Was Used In The Movie Good Boys?"

Please note this article contains some small spoilers for the film Good Boys.

You may have heard about, perhaps seen a trailer for the new movie Good Boys. Maybe you have watched the film, what did you think of it? It has generally been getting good reviews. The movie is an American comedy directed by Gene Stupnitsky, and is his directorial debut. The stars of the film are Jacob Tremblay, Keith Williams and Brady Noon who play three sixth-graders who wind up involved in a series of misadventures as they scheme to attend a party hosted by their popular classmates. The interesting thing with this movie is that despite a kid lead cast, the movie is more adult, as you will guess if you have any idea of the sorts of things they get up to!

Something else interesting about Good Boys is that it contains a scene involving a sex doll. Now, although over the years there have been an increased amount of films either set around or including a scene with a real doll, it is not exactly commonplace still, so interesting to see the inclusion here. The scene unfolds when the boys discover a brunette love doll. Except, in a show of innocence of their age, they take it to be a CPR doll! One of the boys decides to make the first move on the ‘CPR’ doll with a kiss before he is interrupted by one of the other friends pointing out that ‘you can’t kiss someone without their permission’. Said boy then voices the doll in the guise of the kissers crush, giving consent to the kiss. There is a point in the film later where the kids are trying to generate money to purchase a new drone and sell a valuable Ascension gaming card online. The potential buyer is on their way to the kids but the boys are now concerned he may be a paedophile so they take the realistic lovedoll and prop it up in a room, so they can pretend the doll is one of their Mums. So, the so-called buyer arrives played by Stephen Merchant and there is no fooling him, he turns out to be an expert on sex dolls! He is soon more interested in the sexdoll then the gaming card he originally came to purchase!

These are just a couple of examples of funny scenes within Good Boys, focusing on ones featuring the sex doll..Of course, when you are watching the movie it is considerably funnier than me just describing it second hand but hopefully, you get a little gist of what it is about. Furthermore, some of you will be interested to know that the film contains these scenes featuring this mysterious life-like lovedoll and will maybe increase your chances of purchasing your ticket.

The film has a good cast and I thought the kids did a great job of portraying their characters. Often in films, if kids or teenagers are getting involved with stuff not suitable for themselves is because they are well aware of that fact that it is restricted and so seek it out, as is normal as people grow up, rites of passage some may say! But this film takes a slightly different angle in that the kids are pretty naive to a lot of what is going on, and that is also where a lot of the comedy naturally springs from. Some people may not be comfortable seeing kids swearing and acting out scenes that involve topics of a more mature nature, but if you can get past that, this is a fun film with plenty of humour, well written, directed and performed by a good cast. It does look like the film has gone down well in general with both the public and critics and seems to be having a pretty successful box office. Perhaps there will be a sequel if the characters are thought of fondly and the show's team can come up with enough concepts that will not feel too repetitive. Who knows perhaps the featured sex doll will appear again or maybe a completely new one!

As a side note, I do think that we will see an increase in films featuring sex dolls. This area of the market is becoming somewhat more mainstream, as is the adult industry as a whole, and I think both independent filmmakers and Hollywood will see the potential for some interesting movie concepts. Only time will tell, but that is what I see as a natural progression.

On watching the movie I did try to work out what kind of sex doll it was and where the adult doll has come from. I tried to find any clues as to what brand it was (if it was, could it have been one created especially for the film, remember the skill and quality that film props can be made with?) but I have not been able to come up with any solid answers. I tried researching online to see if anyone was in the know but as of yet no answers. In fairness, filmmakers, unless involved in some kind of sponsorship deal often avoid featuring a particular kind of product, a certain brand. This is because they may need to get permission to feature another companies creations, or just because the filmmakers do not want to show bias towards any particular company or their product, and these reasons could point to Good Boys not featuring a particular brand of doll, rather a generic, unnamed one.

So I can not conclude by telling you what adult doll was used in Good Boys, but I can tell you that if you need to purchase a sex doll Southern Treasures provides some excellent options, with great customer service and some of the best adult dolls on the market!

Good boys is released on the 19th September 2019.

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Geoffrey Gallagher
Nov 01, 2019

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