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Upgrade Your Sex Doll

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

In this article we’re going to talk about extra custom options when buying a sex doll.

R&D teams across all factories are consistently improving and tweaking their technology to make their products better and better.

There are many add-ons to most brands of a sex doll, and sometimes it can be a little confusing to a first time buyer. But don’t worry! We are always here to help guide you in building your perfect dream girl.

Upgraded skeletons

When putting your doll into overly extended positions, the longevity of the TPE material may be compromised. Improvements from the following manufacturers allow for an even more flexible doll.

With these improvements in mind, it is still best practice to store your doll laying down straight when not in use for long periods of time.

Something to keep in mind when ordering a sex doll is that fakes and counterfeits won’t have a quality skeleton at all, neither 1st generation, or updated. In this way, it is best to steer clear from overseas vendors offering unrealistic low prices on what they’re portraying as proper brands.

WM Doll: Their new skeleton has double hinged joints on the elbows and knees to allow greater flexibility when putting your doll in a “kneeling” position, bending over, or doggy style position. In the previous skeleton, a single joint meant sharper pinch-points on the TPE skin material. This upgraded skeleton also incorporates an improved hinged neck system for better moveability of the neck and head.

advanced improved new sex doll skeleton
Advanced Skeleton used by WM Doll, YL Doll and JY Doll

The new “shrug” feature has now been integrated into the new skeleton (which used to be an additional up-sell to the regular frame). This means the shoulders can be raised towards the neck, either both, or one up or one down. It Gives the doll a versatile personality! A great position for fun times in the bedroom. The best thing about WM Doll’s new skeleton is that it comes absolutely standard. No extra cost! We also offer the YL Doll upgraded skeleton free of charge.

With this in mind, you are not missing out with the previous skeleton; if you look after your doll and don't over-extend / bend the limbs back and forth constantly, your doll should last many years to come.

JY Doll: As above but an optional add on to your order at $99.00. Please contact us before ordering and we will add it to your invoice.

6YE Doll: The new skeleton is made of a hollow aluminium which makes the doll lighter and easier to handle and carry around. The frame is sturdy and strong however not as tough as full stainless steel – That of their previous skeleton. Double hinged joints on the elbows and knees and also shrugging shoulder as described above. One variation is the joints are “ball jointed” - a bit like the sockets of our bones. In the previous skeleton, raising the arms above the head is still possible, however the visual realism of the armpit is compromised in this position. The new skeleton is now available as standard! No more extra cost. Save $99! You don't need to add it to your order. Not bad huh?

6ye doll shrugging shoulder
6YE Doll Demonstrating Shrugging Shoulder
6YE Doll imporoved upgraded skeleton
6YE Doll Hyper-flexibility!

Hollow Breasts VS Solid Breasts

A common question regarding a sex doll’s breast type is “what’s the difference between hollow and solid?” The hollow breasts reduce the doll's weight slightly which is good if you will be moving her around the house etc. They feel firm but "light" as opposed to the solid breast option in which you can feel the density right through. Solid does not mean “hard”, they just don’t have the pocket of air inside like the hollow breasts. All of our suppliers can provide either type. Our dolls breasts are made “solid” as standard but if you’d like hollow just let us know in "notes" at the checkout.

WM Doll and 6YE Doll have a new innovation with the addition of TPE gel inside the hollow breasts.( Think “silicone implants”) With the gel or "Jelly" option (+$150AUD), it's still lighter than solid TPE, but adds a bit more mass than hollow, and they wobble and bounce more since they are "full". Let us know about this optional add on so we can make a custom invoice for you.

Check out the video here:

WM Dolls advanced tongue/Uvula

Introducing the advanced mouth by WM Doll. To add realism to your doll’s mouth, there is the option to add a tongue and uvula (the little “bit” at the back of the throat). This makes for a great kissing experience and even more pleasurable oral sex! This is an optional add-on feature for $130AUD. Also Available through 6YE Doll.

Please get in touch if you would like to add this to your order. Keep in mind, this feature is not compatible with the WM Doll “Teeth & Tongue kit”.

WM Doll Teeth & Tongue Kit

Want your doll to look like she’s flaunting her stuff? Look no further than this sexy new add-on. The new Teeth & Tongue kit by WM doll is made from cast resin and will mix up the look and poses of your love doll. These wonderful masterpieces are hand-made and each tongue attaches by magnet to the teeth. Perhaps you want her to look cheeky or flirtatious or even different levels of horny. Whichever mood you’d like to see, set them up to your preference. But leave the best till last! The big open mouth for the “big O”. This kit comprises of 3 teeth sets and 8 tongue pieces. Keep in mind, if your doll has had an upgrade of the advanced mouth and uvula, this accessory is not compatible. This feature is for visual effect so be sure to remove before kissing or oral sex. An optional accessory at $250AUD.

Additional Head

Most brands use an M16 connector to screw the head to the base of the neck.

6YE Doll use a different connector however, they can use a M16 if required.

If you already have a doll, and would like to order another head on its own, please let us know the brand you have and the one you’re thinking of buying just to be certain that they are interchangeable to the body. A new sex doll head is $590AUD across our range. If you would like to order a head in any of our brands, simply call or email us wit the doll's name or head number and we can send you a custom invoice. If you already own a doll, please inform us of the skin tone so that our factory can match it.

Pubic Hair

We don’t have many requests for pubic hair for the dolls we sell, however if it is something you are interested in we can definitely add it to your order. Normally an additional $80-99AUD depending on supplier.

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