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The Turning Point For Chinese Production

If I was to say to you the word ‘quality’ what thoughts would immediately spring to mind? What do we perceive as ‘’quality’’? In some ways it is different for each person, everyone has a different standard for what they regard as deserving of that particular word. Having said that, when thinking about certain standards of service or products there will be some instances where it would be hard to argue that they are either great or of very poor quality.

Thinking about quality on a global scale, there are some countries which have a reputation for producing quality products and others which people may stereotype as having a lesser standard of quality. For example, when it comes to automobiles, Germany is well known as one of the worldwide market leaders. Germany produces cars that include Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz. Japan is known for its high-quality market-leading techno companies such as Sony, Nintendo and Toshiba. You also have countries known for particular products such as Switzerland and its prestigious reputation for luxury watches.

But there is also the other side of the coin. Some countries, such as famously China, are known for bad quality-that is not to say that their products are bad quality, but they have gained that image, and it has stayed for a long while now. It has long been a joke about how everything is made in China and that there may be a fault with a product from the region.

Now, in fairness, China is the largest producer of goods in the world-so that explains why we do find so much has been made by them. And if they are creating more, that increases the chances of there being more poor quality items. Another aspect that may have led to the association of China and poor quality is perhaps because of the way their products are known to be cheap, and they are usually more reasonable than other countries equivalent offerings. And of course, if they are to be selling for such a considerable lower price, they would be keeping their costs down somewhere along the line, and perhaps this is where it has resulted in a poorer product overall. A famous example of a Chinese cheaper version of a product is with regards to phones, which are often made to function and appear like one of the big branded Japanese or American names but can’t compete on quality.

But things have been changing and with that so has the perception of China being producers of bad quality items. It would be over the top to suggest that China has completely turned things around, but it would also be hard to ignore some positive steps in the right direction. For example, were you aware that whilst most electronic consumables are usually manufactured in Japan, there has been a recent shift in production to other countries that include China? After all, I mentioned China and their smartphones earlier but it would also only be fair to mention that China has Huawei, the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications and the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones. And this is a company known for many lines of high quality, innovative phones.

To further back up this point that more and more quality items are being produced in China, our very own sex dolls are made in this country. Rest assured that our factories undertake rigorous quality control checks in each and every department, including Research and Development, Manufacturing and Moulding all the way to Makeup. It is the skill of Chinese industry experts that have seen leading advancements in the technology used in the creation of sex dolls.

For example, our JY Doll Adele now has facial “pores” of human skin, helping to give a truly life-like appearance. And most of our brands now allow for the implanting of hair into the TPE scalp. It is a painstaking process of singularly implanting one hair at a time until the entire scalp is full and has the density of a full head of hair. If this amazing advancement sounds like it could be for you, ask us about upgrading your doll! Our JY Doll Adele has this feature as standard.

Chinese brands such as WM Doll did not earn their reputation overnight. They have become a global phenomenon in the sex doll world, and are one of the reasons why they sell around 20,000 dolls per year. This also backs up another example of the improved reputation of Chinese production, with WM being one of the reasons why many realistic sex dolls are considered by enthusiasts as true works of art.

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So, with this in mind what are the benefits of buying Chinese when it comes to the Chinese sex doll market? Well, we have established a reputation for high quality, but price is also a great factor. You will find that love dolls from China are generally much more competitively priced when compared to the Western market. In fact, China are overall big players in the adult product sector. More than 70% of sex toys are made in China which include bondage gear, dildos and vibrators, as well as realistic sex dolls. This is a large contribution to the global sex toy market which by 2020 will be worth an estimated $30 billion.

Chinese factories export their dolls to the global markets rather than selling them to customers in China. This measure is made to help avoid copycat factories in China that would buy a genuine branded doll and try to re-mould the faces, then sell the resulting creation to the unsuspecting customer. These reproductions have clear issues that hamper the love dolls quality which includes easily torn TPE, skeletons that aren’t stainless steel and joints that end up seizing. Remember, trademark owners work hard developing their products and having intellectual property savagely stolen and poorly re-produced stings any company, and consumer!

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Southern Treasures is 100% Australian owned and operated. When it comes to quality sex dolls for sale in Australia, and indeed available globally, we have a reputation for a very high standard of both quality and customer service. Each of our factories has the capacity to manufacture over 100 dolls per day for the global market. You can visit our shop through phone, tablet or PC and see for yourself the excellent products that we offer.

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