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The Adult Industry - Why Superb Customer Service Is Vital

In any service offered in business, customer satisfaction is key. After all, if they are not happy with the product or service they have just spent all of their hard earned cash on, they are not very likely to return, are they? But customer satisfaction does not just come down to the product quality or service standard that they have just paid for, it is greatly impacted by their customer service experience and it is no exaggeration to suggest that customer service is easily one of the most important factors of a successful business!

This applies just as much within the adult industry. If a customer is wanting an adult movie, a small sex toy or a full realistic sex doll, a customer is trying to fill a certain emotion and expects to have a product and service that delivers on that promise. Even if the item reaches them and they are happy with it, they might have been put off if other parts of the ordering system were not to their liking.

An additional consideration that is much more relevant to the adult industry is the confidential nature of items sent to your home. What you purchase is your own business and of course, you are entitled to enjoy items of an adult nature such as toys, games, and fetish toy novelties as you please. But it is also your entitlement to have your privacy respected, and anyone purchasing these product types will fairly expect an approach that respects their privacy by not making clear what is in their order from the packaging and being discreet as a service.

Potential customers will not be expecting huge delays in the shipment of their items and would prefer a wide range of products to choose from at a good price. A well put together website is a big help, as customers can become confused or just plain put off if a page does not function well and they cannot find what they need.

This is why, as a company, Southern Treasures take care every step of the way. A customer who has spent time and money personalising their dream sex doll wants a product that represents that as accurately as possible. We make sure that every detail that is chosen from the available options such as skin colour, eye colour, size specifications, etc are met with the customer's demands as the high-quality love doll is created. After all, buying a sex doll is a very personal thing and we take the creation and selling process to the customer very seriously.

As mentioned above, we make sure to perform to the highest standards every step of the process, doing our best to help keep customers informed of any relevant updates, so that they know they are in safe hands and will soon be meeting their adult doll. We can do this by keeping customers alert with the status of their product. After all, when someone has invested so much money and time into a product, and it is so personal to them, they can understandably become anxious to receive their real doll. The customer will want to be informed about the tracking of their doll, and as soon as that information becomes available they will receive relevant updates.

In addition to this, as part of our outstanding service, we won’t only provide the tracking number but also follow up delivery inquires to the shipping companies on behalf of the customer, even after it has landed locally (in Australia). Essentially, unlike other sex doll suppliers, the customer doesn't have to deal with anyone else but Southern Treasures during the whole process. This helps to streamline the service and hopefully contribute to a better experience for you - The valued consumer.

When it comes to the delivery process, if a customer is not at home when their doll arrives there is an option to reschedule another (business) day when they are available. Furthermore, a change in delivery address can also be made. It is important to note that the shipping company used by our business will not leave their parcel at the doorstep without a signature. Also, as part of our delivery procedure, your items are packed carefully and we will never put any of our business details on the parcel out of respect for your privacy. There is, on rare occasions also the opportunity for a customer to pick up to their life-like sex doll from the depot of the shipping company but this will be dependent on their location and can only apply for those in major cities.

Of course, it is essential that something as delicate as a sexdoll is secured as much as possible on its journey to your home. With this in mind, we do not use any flimsy packaging that could result in ruptures during transportation. We can reassure you that every step is taken to make sure your item is kept private and safe and protected against damage as much as we can our end.

Another important part of good customer service is of course contact. A potential buyer needs to know that they can contact someone who will help answer their queries and we have a team on hand to do just that. This way, if you need further information about a sex doll or other area of our service, a representative will be ready to put your mind at ease and do their best to help you out. The customer does not need to be concerned talking with us, even if perhaps they may not be used to discussing the products we sell, our calls are completely confidential and we are speaking in a professional but friendly manner. If you prefer, we also have an email option where we are very quick to respond to any messages sent our way.

Without superb customer service, you can expect people to walk away from a company. There are plenty of other websites offering the same style of products and if there are glaring faults with a website, contact is unhelpful or unwilling or delivery is not discreet enough, potential customers will just take their business elsewhere. The adult industry has an extra special need to gain its customer's trust, as the products they sell are of a sensitive nature and so superb customer service really is vital within the adult industry.

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