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Sex Robots - Where AI Is Heading

Sex Robots, sometimes known as Sexbots can be considered a natural evolution from regular sex dolls. It is only in the last few years they have become a more commonplace sale item as technology advancements help allow for more realistic life-like dolls.

There will be plenty of customers who are at the very least aware of sex robots and may have at least some passing knowledge of them but are perhaps not sure if they are the correct choice for themselves. They may be trying to decipher what advantages a sex robot provides over a regular love doll. As mentioned sex robots are more advanced, especially in 2019 where companies have pushed further what can be achieved thanks to improvements in AI technology. For example, do you realise that artificial intelligence has allowed robotics to be able to provide answers relevant to your question, for example, ‘what is the time?’ ‘what is the weather like today?’’ and all sorts of questions where the answers can be accessed thanks to the robotics AI. Now, not only are these advancements very helpful and handy to your everyday life, (think the sorts of questions you may ask Siri or your Alexa) they add another dimension to the sex robot that helps make them even more realistic.

As you can ask questions and receive answers from a sexbot, you can hold a form of a conversation, making the experience with the sex robot that bit more realistic and involving. It is helping to release an extra aspect of a robot’s personality and even an emotional complexity, a sex robot owner may find themselves attached to a greater level as a result.

As the tech around sexbots evolves and more get produced you can bet the media will be looking to run regular stories on this particular industry and indeed that has been the case.

There has been some interesting coverage in the media, with a lot of the tabloid press focusing on what the future holds for sexbots and indeed what will happen to the future due to a potential rise in sexbots. Now, we all know that the media often likes to present a more over the top opinion because of course, it will sell their piece better. You may have seen a few headlines that have quoted various people in various fields saying that the rise in popularity with sex robots could be a problem, the most over the top comment being that they will take over the world! Of course, as good as the AI maybe in these forms of sex dolls, it is not even close to being able to have such an event occur! And even in the very far future, most people would quickly discredit such a notion! But as mentioned, the press likes to go with the headline-grabbing option. But in fairness, the majority of the coverage has been fair and interesting.

Certain aspects have been brought up, but measured responses from both sides of the debate have been offered in general. A good thing to see, and far more helpful than silly scaremongering for the sake of it, that’s for sure! It is also good if readers can have as many different facts and viewpoints around sexbots so they can make their own informed decisions over whether they are right for themselves or not.

One of the points you will often see raised, which was for example raised in the article ‘Sex Robots Are On Their Way To Australia’ by is the question over if the use of sex robots will affect human’s ability to have healthy sexual relationships. Some experts have the viewpoint that if someone chooses sex dolls they will struggle with a sexual relationship with humans. And sure, it is an important detail to consider. But as a counter to those that make the viewpoint that sex robots could be unhealthy, there will though be counterexamples, including many who have stated how sex robots have actually helped them mentally and physically, and indeed been a positive to their sex life. Some people have even stated how having a sex robot companion helped them to get back into a sexual relationship with a human, and some couples also have a sex robot as part of a healthy relationship.

This concept is linked to another point that has been raised in various articles, a point that asks if sex robots will one day replace women. Now, whilst everyone will have their own opinion, it is a fair comment to make that the majority of people will say that no, sex robots will not replace women. Apart from anything else, how will anyone be able to reproduce if women were replaced with sex robots? Again this brings us back to the idea that sex robots do not have to replace women but can exist alongside them, for individuals to make their decisions.

It is such an interesting prospect to think about where human robotics can take us in the future and what this could mean for the love doll industry. I believe that we will eventually see robotics that can hold a full conversation as two humans can with each over. In the industry of sex robots, the dolls will likely continue to look and behave even more realistically, and perhaps an element of spontaneous thinking could be entered into the AI sex dolls personality. Not only that, I think we would almost certainly have AI sex dolls that would have much more advanced movements programmed in than we currently have. For example, they could walk over to you! But these being robotic sex dolls, you can use your imagination on what other ways AI dolls could use advanced movements to the user's advantage!

It is fair to say there are plenty of advantages that the more advanced nature of AI sex dolls can bring compared to traditional sex dolls. It is not to say they are the better choice for everyone, it comes down to each person needs and wants. But if a moving, talking sex doll sounds appealing to you, you’ll be pleased to know your favourite love companion store has a selection of sex robots to purchase. This includes the gorgeous Emma, a movie-star like hyper-realistic ai sex robot who would be a real pleasure to have as your first AI doll. Or maybe you would like to choose Cassie, a sultry choice that oozes sex appeal? Whoever you pick we hope you enjoy making the jump into the wonderful world of AI love dolls.

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