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Sex Doll Hard Case

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Our customers have requested advanced transportation solutions for their prized possession. We are now pleased to present the optional flight case for the transportation of your sex doll, from factory to your door. Our current transportation method of sturdy cardboard box use is super secure, and has internal padding to keep your doll in optimum form during the logistical process. The hard case is just that extra measure that some customers have shown interest in.

Some doll users even take their dolls on trips and getaways, and in this way, the hard case can be used over and over, as opposed to the cardboard box which is likely to warp in shape over time, and won't be as easy to grip. The sex doll hard cases also have wheels and a handle, (a bit like your holiday suitcase!) so that they can be pulled along without difficulty, rather than carrying them the whole way.

What's more, they don't just provide the best possible protection during transport, it is a way of a more permanent storage that will keep your doll looking her best for many years to come.

When your love doll is not in use, it is best to keep her somewhere safe. Somewhere where she won't be spotted and hunted down by the household pet! Horror stories of damages are not unheard of. Or Perhaps you might have family or friends visiting and you want to keep your doll inconspicuous. Our hard cases allow for that extra peace of mind and keep away the unwanted prying eyes. The lockable case allows for 100% discretion.

The price for a hard case with your doll purchase is $899AUD.

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