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Sex Doll Factory Images

Customers often ask us questions like "What do the sex dolls from the factory look like?", or "Is it possible to see sex doll factory images?"

Sometimes people might ask us to show them a factory sample of a doll they are interested in buying, because they want to be 100% certain it's the one for them. That's ok too.

In this blog we are pleased and proud to show off some stunning pictures of our own customers dolls, straight from the factory floor.

So what are some of the differences between the sex doll gallery images, and ones from the production line?

Lighting: There is not doubt that excellent stage lighting is used in the promotional pictures to show off our supplier's brands. It really makes the doll look stunning.

Makeup: There may be a slight variance between the makeup in both the gallery images, and ones from the factory. Part of the fun of being a doll enthusiast is to apply your own makeup. You may even use makeup remover (Mineral oil based remover is best, or even Vaseline) to start over.

Customised Specifics: Because you get to choose things like skin, nipple, and eye colour, this might be different to that of the gallery images and therefore showcase a different look.

Clothing: Sexy clothing in pictures without a doubt portrays all the beauty and splendour of your sexy babe to-be. So make the most of it when she arrives at your doorstep

- Spoil her with sexy lingerie, short shorts, a cocktail dress or hot yoga pants! One word of advice though, it's highly recommended to wash all new clothes before dressing your doll, as the dyes might run and stain her.

When you put the gallery images together with the factory ones, there isn't a great detail of difference. You be the judge. We're sure you will be stunned by the quality. What's more, is that our customers have expressed that further sense of excitement when they finally get to unbox their new beauty and see for themselves that even pictures of any kind don't do their love doll justice!

We are transparent with what we are selling to our valued customers. We are not distributing one of these no-name fakes, and we want to demonstrate "what you see is what you get" - Many other suppliers won't show the real deal and that might be because they are not selling the genuine article. With the amount of fakes circulating the internet, be sure of the distributor and the end product you will be receiving.

To see more of our dolls from the factory floor, click here and see some amazing, high quality sex dolls that might sway your final choice!

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1 Comment

Great to be able to see your doll before she is sent. Thanks again

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