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Masturbators and Pocket Pussys. Small Toys – Big pleasure!

Updated: Apr 22

OK, let us get that old cliche that is always thrown around out of the way: bigger is better. Why? Well, because as you are about to find out, it is just not always true! You can still have a very nice time, with something half the size...

Sure, having a full-bodied, life-size sex doll, ready to tease and please you whenever you need it to, is a great thing. However, there are some situations where it is just not practical. For example, it may not be an issue in your own home space, but what about when you are travelling, say going on holiday, well you are still entitled to some fun, right?! Exactly, but how would you go about bringing your love doll to the hotel of your choice? That is not going to be an easy journey! What you need is a pocket-sized option or at least one that will fit in your bag! This is where smaller sex toys for men come into play. Toys which can still provide the pleasure, but offer you the practical benefit of being able to have a portable factor. That way you do not need to miss out just because you are away from home.

These sex doll half body options allow you to engage with your masturbatory aid in the way you would normally with a lifelike sex doll when it comes to the main event. And again, as nice as it is to have the ‘full body’ experience, you may not always miss it, in that you still have the mystery and fantasy elements of your imagination to guide the way!

You still have plenty of the usual customisations available to help you make your choice, similarly to you would with a full-sized realistic love doll. For example, you can still have a different sized pussy sex toy for those wanting a bigger or smaller option, it’s just they all will be portable and small enough to hold less of a presence than a regular love doll. This makes it a lot easier in certain respects, such as not having to decide on a large space to use for storage, as you would for a sex doll, and it makes things easier if it is something you would like to keep a bit more private.

One of the attractions with modern-day sex dolls is how realistic they can feel for the owner. This includes the way the skin looks and handles. But do not worry, you will also find this to be the case with the best half body sex dolls. They are usually made from silicon and offer a non-toxic, tasteless experience. When it comes down to the action, you can be sure you’ll be hitting all the buttons you would be with a regular sex doll!

Of course with these smaller sex body masturbator devices you are straight to the point, if you know what we mean, in what is on offer-it’s the main organs for play, you could say! And with that said it is important that they have been created as accurate and strong as they can. You won’t want to be paying for something that only does the job for a few weeks or something that lasts well but is not satisfying because it just does not feel like a ladies body parts. Luckily, how modern pussy and ass sex toys are made ensure you can easily have an enjoyable, realistic feeling experience, that remains comfortable throughout. Also, you can expect to have an investment that lasts, no matter how much time you spend with it! This is due to how you can purchase some examples that are built so well, with the structure looking fully real and the shape looking exactly as it should! It will feel like it should too, which rounds of the complete experience that you would be expecting. Just always make sure you only buy quality brands from respected shops.

If you have not yet taken the plunge, why might you want to purchase a pocket pussy and asshole toy? Well, there are all the plus points mentioned above, for sure. But other reasons to raise include the fact that these products can be the perfect entry point (no pun intended!) if you are perhaps not yet ready to purchase a full sex doll, but are after some form of realistic masturbatory aid. Some folks may be a bit overwhelmed at going ahead and buying a life-sized doll but may feel better beginning with a sex doll pussy and ass. Another good reason that this may be the toy for you is the price point. Sure, full-size love dolls are worth the cost, but not everyone will be in a financial position to buy one. On the other hand, you have these half body options that you can pick up for around $50 to $270. Furthermore, some people may just not be attracted to the whole, full-body experience and that is OK too. At the end of the day, people need to pick the sex doll that best suits their needs, and that is why we have all these different options.

Remember, as well as working great as a single persons sex toy, many couples also enjoy these products for a range of sexy activities. Perhaps you may even purchase more than one? What's more, they are very easy to move from one room to the next so you don’t need to have any fear of struggling to lift them, or tiring yourself out moving them around! One thing to know is that they are very easy to look after and maintain. Cleaning will take no time at all, so you can restore your realistic vagina toy to its former glory in little time! Simply wash her parts with soapy water the way you would yourself and pat dry.

If you have decided that our featured products of interest is for you then you will soon find that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to options! But as always, Southern Treasures has you covered with some amazingly priced, high-quality choices!

If you are looking for something even more discreet check out these awesome options

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