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Dementia: Are sex dolls an unexpected care option?

Updated: May 8, 2020

Article by Jay Tesst


let’s first look at dementia’s meaning. Dementia can’t be categorized as a single disease; in fact, it describes a group of symptoms associated with a decline in memory function but also the effects that it has on behavioural constraints people usually have. It is as a debilitating issue, that can change the person you know and love in ways you would not expect.

One of those changes, although not one of the early signs of dementia, is a higher need for affection, this often results in sexual behaviour that could be labelled as inappropriate, as the dementia has a direct effect on the filters that people normally would have.

This behaviour is not on purpose, the dementia would disable that part of the brain in charge of social constraints such as outrageous sexual behaviour that can sometimes be labelled as sexual harassment towards caregivers and close relatives.

Dementia has a severe impact on a person as well as the people in their surroundings, including their closest relatives and loved ones, as well as their caregivers.

Sex dolls as dementia aid?

Studies have shown that comforting dolls, which is to say, just cuddly “toy” dolls have been found to give comfort to a person suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia. However, as these dolls lack the human quality that is often also desired, sex dolls could be said to be a better option.

Especially if one takes into account that someone suffering from any form of this debilitating disease will always have a sex drive (in most cases) and so an added need for sexual gratification. A need for gratification that is often left unanswered by caregivers, as this is just outside of their care spectrum.

While modern science does provide great advancements in medicine, natural remedies shouldn't be unsurpassed. We now know that Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce chronic neuroinflammation. But how to ease loneliness and arousal?

It could be said that a sex doll, would be the perfect companion and dementia aid for many people as these life-size companions can fill a void for both the need for affection as well as sexual gratification.

And why not turn a sex doll into a therapy doll? if this is what is required to give someone suffering from dementia some added comfort in their life. Especially as it might very well prevent unwanted behaviour towards other people.

Realistic sex dolls from Australia

If you feel a companion doll is an option for you, feel free to have a look at which love doll would be right for the person you’d want to give this permanent companion to. But please do keep in mind these realistic dolls might not be a good option for people with late stage dementia.

If you are in Australia, or anywhere else in the world, feel free to contact us, so we can discuss some options for you and help you out if you need help picking out the right companion for your loved one.

An option to buy a life-size companion for dementia patients

Although most professional advice would be to distract someone from their sexual behaviour, giving a distraction is a clear sign there is some desire present. And of course, it’s a desire that can’t always be given into in just any situation. Having a life size sex doll present could however be the answer when it comes to preventing a desire from becoming a frustration, even though the desire might not be caused through “normal” ways.

Which Dementia symptoms cause unwanted sexual behaviour?

Although there are many different forms of dementia, most will eventually cause a person to display unwanted sexual behaviour.

This is because most forms of dementia will eventually degrade a person’s ability for reasoning and judgment. Removing the filters and the ability to respond socially current to certain stimulating factors in the proximity of a person suffering from dementia.

An added frustration for some dementia sufferers and their caregivers is the fact that through their dementia, some people have also lost their ability to communicate and express their desires responsibly, if they can communicate at all.

And as communication and language are the most important factors in responsible sexual behaviour this can cause challenges for patients as well as their caregivers.

As you can probably imagine from reading the above, dealing with dementia and sexuality is a challenge for all those involved, and especially the patients themselves as they have limited control over their behaviour towards caregivers or their loved ones.

Do you have dementia dolls for sale?

Realistically you already know we don’t have dolls crafted specifically for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients. But perhaps we can be of assistance just the same.

Where the normal dementia doll will only gratify the need for affection through cuddling and other forms of affection our love dolls have the ability to go just that step further.

And although that step further might be a leap for some caregivers of relatives of dementia sufferers, we do think that our sex dolls could be a viable option for your loved one’s desires.

Especially since our dolls can be modified and dressed up to a degree that other dementia dolls lack. Choose the right hair and eye colour, put on clothing that associates the most comfort to a patient and give them a realistic life-size companion to gratify their needs.

Although we are not trained healthcare professionals, we’d like to help you out as much as we can by making your order process as efficient as possible. You can reach us by email or through the chat box on this website.

We hope the best sex dolls in Australia can aid you and your loved one into making your travels along the path of dementia care, as carefree as possible.

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