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Covid-19 and Sex Dolls. Why We're On The Up

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live and it’s been particularly challenging from a mental health perspective. That’s especially true in Australia, where it was also accompanied by bushfire disasters and severe flooding in recent times. All of these things brought about a lot of anxiety and stress. As a result, there are a lot of negative effects from a psychological standpoint.

The consequences of Covid-19 in Australia

Most disease outbreaks are bringing in anger, depression, a sense of panic and anxiety, but also financial stress and constant uncertainty. Around 25-33% of the entire community is dealing with high anxiety levels and even people that have pre-existing disorders are at risk of having those increased due to the pandemic.

That’s why they need as much assistance and support as possible during these challenging times. This is the reason why we are seeing very high rates of people seeking medical treatment and support. Since the pandemic makes it hard to attend these things in person, people are trying to find alternative ways to cope with the problem.

Which population groups are at risk the most?

For the most part, healthcare workers are the ones to have the highest levels of anxiety, since they are the ones dealing with the disease directly. On top of that, people that have pre-existing anxiety disorders or even mental health issues are at risk as well. The unemployed workforce is worried that they might not be able to sustain themselves from a financial standpoint. Then, the simple fact of living in quarantine and not doing the things you normally do, combined with the worries of getting out, not having supplies and getting infected randomly are all situations that bring plenty of anxiety into the mix for a lot of people.

Strategies that will help you cope with the pandemic-related anxiety

The first thing you want to do is to acquire information from places that actually offer you relevant information and high-quality assistance. In this day and age you can also rely on technology. Online treatment solutions, telehealth and even mobile apps can do wonders, especially in a situation like this. Moreover, maintaining social connections and attending online activities can help a lot, and it will bring in a vast array of incredible benefits every time.

On top of that, it’s very important to note that the Australian government made some significant investments when it comes to suicide prevention and mental health even before the pandemic. In addition, more than $500 million were invested in mental health services this year. Yet despite all the governmental support, people, particularly singles living alone still need to find a way to eliminate concerns and truly focus on their wellbeing. Thankfully, this is where sex dolls come into play.

Why did sex doll sales skyrocket during the pandemic?

Once the pandemic hit, the lack of social connectivity and sexual activity did lead to a lot of anxiety. Which is why a lot of men started buying sex dolls. We were up on our orders at least 35%, and the demand continues to be very high. Since the restrictions are very challenging to deal with, men are trying to use a sex doll as a way to access loneliness relief, and it seems to work very well here.

One of the major categories that saw a lot of extra sales were the ultra-realistic sex dolls, namely Starpery Doll who are taking the world by storm. These are worth thousands of dollars, and they do come with life-like skin, very realistic looks and other similar-to-human features. Which is why these dolls have become a very important companion for men. Aside from sexual benefits, they are also great for cuddling and warming up. These high end dolls even have imperfections like freckles, pores, tan lines and so on. All of this is designed to make them more realistic and life-like, which is extremely helpful.

Moreover, you have a variety of different features and options which is all part of the hobby. There are dolls with army outfits, different hair colours and styles, sporty physiques and so on. Having all the customization ready to go really helps a lot, and it conveys a sense of value and clarity more than you might imagine. Since people don’t like going out as much due to the pandemic, many of them are accepting the idea of staying inside and cuddling with a love doll. This is true here down under, and abroad. Plus, there are many benefits, as you can see below.

Sex doll benefits

One of the main advantages brought by a sex doll is that it provides a relief of loneliness. It allows you to feel a sense of socialization, which is very important. On top of that, you get to feel that you are near a person and talking with them, particularly the AI Tech Robots. Being able to cuddle up in bed and warming up with one another is truly satisfying.

Then there’s also the fact that sex dolls allow people to express themselves from a sexual standpoint, without having to worry about prostitution. It’s a safe way to experiment something new sexually, and it can be well worth it. Getting a doll can be a great hobby if you are into photography and makeup too. Being able to access all these amazing benefits privately is amazing, and you finally get to have the company you want. It helps immensely if you always wanted to have that comfort, happiness and excitement, while staying safe and away from any virus.


The frustrations that are carried with isolation and lack of socialising are evident in our business. Generally speaking, we have two types of customers when it comes to sex dolls:

Those that state openly that they no longer wish to pursue dating, and have 'given up' on both traditional, app, or online methods of meeting someone.

But customers are also expressing to us that being more or less "forced" to stay away from people is causing them to feel isolated, fearful and lonely. One customer said to me he can't ever imagine a handshake again. Yes, the world we know is changing.

Getting a new doll can be one of the methods to use if you want to stay healthy and happy. It’s definitely not going to be easy to achieve that, but having the presence of a doll near you can indeed make a huge difference. It’s more important than ever to find a new, creative way to deal with any challenges. There’s no denying that sex doll purchases will continue to grow, especially considering the pandemic is not over. We just have to embrace the new normal, and having a realistic doll near us for comfort and fulfilling sexual desires might very well be a part of that!

Here at Southern Treasures, we believe that contact is the best medicine.

We have already connected doll owners in Australia by the passing on of phone numbers. These guys were seeking different opinions and insights on things like doll care, and feedback on brands. I think it's great to have someone to talk to. A customer recently said he had a "wonderful half hour chat".

While physical contact may not be possible for you right now, we encourage you to reach out to like-minded doll enthusiasts. So feel free to start a conversation, or show off your very own doll through your photography skills in our forum page.

If you, or someone you know is experiencing hardship, we also encourage you to reach out to available Aussie channels of support:

Beyond Blue: 1800 512 348

Lifeline: 131 114

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