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6 Ways a Sex Doll Can Make You Happier

Updated: May 26, 2019

We've come a long way since the development of early sex dolls known as the "blow up doll", in which these days are more commonly used for practical jokes and party novelties.

With superior advancements in modern day TPE sex dolls, users find it difficult distinguishing the difference between human flesh and that of their doll.

Relationships with people aren't for everyone, but we shouldn't have to settle for nothing at all. Owning a sex doll or "companion doll", as often referred to, has many more benefits than just sexual pleasure. In fact, a high proportion of users don't consider sexual relations with their dolls to be the limit of their relationship.

1) Therapeutic benefits

We've all had those sleepless nights, perhaps dwelling on a project at work, social frustrations, or simply the rapid pace in which life chugs along these days.

Doll owners are actively stating that their dolls provide therapeutic benefits by alleviating loneliness and easing depression and anxiety.

Having a doll to cuddle up to can provide a great nights sleep so we feel refreshed and recharged for what ever the next day has in store for us.

Social anxiety or perhaps the anxiety of being around women, may contribute to an ever expanding cycle of feeling hopeless in some men. Having a humanoid-like construct to be around will help settle the nerves for when and if you decide that YOU are ready for the social or dating game, and not when the world tells you to be.

A sex doll really can provide a sense of companionship. Non-sexual activities such as watching television or listening to music together can actually make us feel at ease and provide a feeling of content because of the sense that someone is there with us.

Some doll owners actually talk to their dolls, perhaps about their day. Sure, they can't respond (YET!) however psychologists agree that just by talking out loud we can vent our frustration, or assert a positive mindset which manifests a sense of direction.

Talking to our dolls generates creativity, and keeps our cognitive motor skills in optimum form.

What doll users are saying:

"While I enjoy the company of women, I don't feel like putting in the time and effort that is required to make a relationship work. As such, I have purchased a doll in order to fulfil my sexual needs as well as to be a companion until I find someone worth my time."

"Physical human contact has always given me a lot of anxiety, but now just the thought of it makes me feel like I'm going to have a panic attack. I felt lonely and very depressed, but did not want the burden of a relationship. And then I began to believe there was a third option in-between together and alone.

My doll is a safe where I lock away the parts of me that are too vulnerable for the real world."

"I live with mental illness - bipolar disorder. I decided to see it this doll might help me create the true life I always wanted. She has done that for me and so much more."

2) Practice makes perfect

Sexual dysfunction in men may pose threats to a real relationship or perhaps the thought of entering one. Performance anxiety may exist in some inexperienced men portraying symptoms like erectile dysfunction; or the inability to establish or maintain an erection. This in many cases is psychological and not a physical dysfunction. A companion doll with emphasis on practical realism incorporates particular features and characteristics that men find appealing in women.

In this way, a doll that we find highly attractive helps maintain erection by practice and repetition of intercourse, which builds CONFIDENCE.

Conversely, premature ejaculation can also be a major frustration among men. Not only do we feel we haven't gone the full "nine yards", but it might leave our self-esteem somewhat deflated knowing perhaps our partner hasn't experienced all that we might want to offer.

By having repetitious sex with your doll, you can learn to desensitise your penis and prolong your session, so that those "false starts" will be a thing of the past.

Cunnilingus or "going down" on a woman comes naturally to some but for those unsure of where to begin, you can most certainly practice on your doll. Yes, the anatomically correct orfices are all there on your very own doll!

3) An alternative relationship

Flaws of human partners are a major influence for those considering buying a sex doll. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes, however we now know that some doll owners find that real relationships posed significant issues for them, and were too risky or undesirable.

What doll users are saying:

"It's a known. She won't rob me blind. She won't give me some horrible STD. She is non-judgemental. She isn't going to go nuts if the house is not perfect. She is never jealous. She is not mean. She would never make fun of me. She won't tell me who I can't have as a friend."

4) A new hobby

Some doll enthusiasts who either own a doll or collect them do so for the sheer purpose of an art form. This usually involves dressing up, and posing the dolls for photography sessions. Some owners like to take pictures incorporating erotic elements of love-making with their dolls, while many are fulfilled with the hobby of taking solo shots of their dolls in varied clothing styles, uniforms, and fantasy dress-ups.

This interest is often shared across online social platforms where enthusiasts can interact and share their passion.

What doll users are saying:

"I have 5 and another on order. One, my first, I view as a synthetic partner, and the others have joined us mostly to be photographic models and brighten up my home."

"I like to pose, dress, and take pictures of her."

5) A path for roleplay

Human partners are not always going to share the same fantasy or fetish as us and as such, having a doll to bring out your fantasies with is the ultimate safe-haven.

With roleplay, we have the freedom to take on the character of someone other than ourselves or give a character to our doll, and "act it out" either in our own imagination or by way of dress up.

Roleplay with your doll releases those sacred thoughts that you always felt ashamed to admit (even though you shouldn’t have) that actually get your adrenaline pumping.

Most importantly, we know our doll will never judge or ridicule us for our particular kink, and will love us unconditionally.

What doll users are saying:

"You always have a safe outlet for sexual energy, and a compliant partner for kinks/fetishes that may be too much for living partners."

6) Threesome

If you ARE in a relationship, the idea of talking to your partner about introducing a "third wheel" in the bedroom is a difficult and daunting task for most. Throughout our lives, we tend to crave physical intimacy with another person, even in the most loving and committed relationship.

However taking that kind of plunge can be risky business, as there is a lot of emotional drawbacks at stake. Are you or your partner thinking "is he/she better than me?" Jealousy really can ruin everything.

It helps put our mind at ease if we know our partner is turned on by a doll rather than porn, or another person.

Bringing a sex doll (male or female!) into the bedroom rather than inviting another person will kerb any insecurities and take your sexual relationship and fantasies to a whole new level.


Quoted extracts from "Beyond the Sex Doll"

Article by Mitchell Langcaster- James and Gillian R Bentley

Department of Anthropology, Durham University UK

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