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Australian Sizing Guide for a Sex Doll's Clothing

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

So you want to know how to achieve the very best fit for your companion sex doll.

Be it bra, panties, or shoes we've got you (or her!) covered.

From the first instance, you may feel shy or apprehensive about sifting through lingerie in the women's department, but it really would be a frustrating inconvenience to have to think about returns or exchanges on this clothing.

Anyone who has used incorrectly sized lingerie or clothing on their sex doll would know that it dramatically affects the look, appeal and sexyness of their companion. When her clothes are too loose she ends up looking like an unfashionable dag, and when too tight, she would end up feeling worse-for-wear, under what may as well be a rubber band. Not to mention the TPE marks and "scars" that might be caused from bra straps that are too tight.

Luckily though, these compression marks generally fade in time.

how to get the best fit of clothes for your sex doll

Something very important to keep in mind before dressing up your sexy little minx:

WASH ALL NEW GARMENTS FIRST! Dyes from Poor quality clothing can seep into the sex doll's skin, and stains may be difficult to remove, particularly if not treated quickly. We recommend to avoid dark coloured clothing, but if you want black, it's better to avoid the cheap stuff.

Pay a bit extra for quality.

So how do we get the best possible fit for our love dolls? The following guide is a simple and pain free way to get your dream doll's measurements so you can shop freely without hesitation. Whether in-store or online, you'll know exactly what size to buy. Our measurements are in centimeters for our Australian shoppers.

sizing your sex doll


While bra-less, use a measuring tape to measure just under your doll's bust / breasts.

The tape should be level and firm against her skin. Write down the measurement. This is your dolls "band size".

sizing your sex doll