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WM Doll  172cm G-Cup   Head #241


SKU: 172G-241

Now, if you like your sex dolls with elegance and style, Cadence is your choice! She is a very tall doll at 172cm that oozes that look of sophistication. Cadence looks like she would be at home taking part in some kind of glamour photoshoot and that is exactly an idea you could make a reality. As you can see, she lends herself very well to a cross-legged pose, front against the chairs back. You could spend plenty of hours taking shots like this, as well as ones with her standing tall in various costumes that do a good job in showcasing that wonderful figure. Then when the ‘work’ is completed it will hopefully be time for the play, and that is a body you will have so much fun exploring - All 172cm of sexiness! Cadence is one of our tallest models so if the height is what you are after, you will be hard-pressed to find a more tempting option in the world of love dolls.


    Brand: WM Doll

    172cm G-Cup 

    Head #241

    Height - 172cm

    Vaginal depth - 18cm

    Anal depth - 15cm

    Mouth depth - 12cm


    Bust - 89cm

    Waist - 60cm

    Hip - 91cm


    Shoulder - 35cm

    Arm Length - 70cm

    Leg Length - 87cm

    Foot Length - 22cm


    Moveable joints: knees/legs/feet/arms/elbows/wrists/fingers


    Net weight - 41kg



    * 1x High Quality Wig

    * Sexy Underwear (at random)

    * Cleaning enema

     (Clothing / jewellery in pictures for demonstration purpose only - not included)




    * If you're not happy, we're not happy guarantee:

    We guarantee your doll will be identical to those pictured.

    Before dispatch of your doll from our factories, we will always provide you pictures of the finished product for quality assurance and peace of mind, to ensure you receive the correct order, and that it meets your expectations.

    If there is a defect with your sex doll, we will compensate or replace her at our own expense. See Returns for further information.


    * For sale in Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Japan.

    * Your doll will be shipped via DHL or UPS and will arrive at your designated address approx 3-4 weeks days after placing order. 

    * Discretion - Your item will be packed and shipped privately with no reference to its contents.


    * For longevity, always handle your doll with care. Avoid dropping or twisting the joints beyond their means.

    * Always wash your doll's inserts with warm soapy water after use.

    * Avoid storing in strong sunlight.

$3,200.00 Regular Price
$3,040.00Sale Price
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