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Steve's Story - What Shocked Us

Many types of abuse can find itself into a relationship and emotional abuse is one of these. It is something that can take different forms and can drain, distress and devastate the victim. Lots of those who are involved in this type of relationship reach the point where they want to get out, but due to their partner's manipulation struggle to escape and so the cycle continues. This type of abuse can result in the victim experiencing psychological traumas such as anxiety, chronic depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. The emotional abuse that a person suffers can often cause them to feel worthless, really knocking their self-esteem. Of course, emotional abuse can take many forms but often includes elements of bullying, gaslighting and a power imbalance as the abuser tries to take hold. This abuse can exist around the home, but also in workplaces and throughout everyday life. Sometimes physical abuse is also used alongside the mental abuse.

The motives of why a person commits emotional abuse to their partner also varies. Sometimes it is due to extreme jealousy and lack of trust, sometimes it is for financial gains, sometimes it is just fitting with a person's bullying nature. Sometimes the abuser believes that they have the right to control their partner, that a one-sided, unequal relationship is acceptable. Sometimes emotional abuse takes place as the abuser misuses alcohol and drugs. In any situation, of course, this unacceptable behaviour is not excusable. In some situations an abuser is trying to make up for their insecurities, such as their low self-esteem, and thus takes pleasure knocking someone down in an attempt to make themselves look bigger.

Now, there are also different ways someone may eventually manage to break the chain and get out of a toxic relationship which involves emotional abuse. With this in mind, we are going to look at the story of Steve, a customer of Southern Treasures.

Steve bought his first sex doll from us mid 2019. He was more than happy to leave us a positive review on his new love, and we received a call from him late September for a phone order of some accessories.

Steve chose to provide us with some feedback on his experience, which is of course always welcome, and it was very nice to hear some truly positive news based on his time spent with his new doll.

One of the things that Steve talked to us about that surprised us was his revelation of how his sex doll has helped him in his personal development.

“I was in an abusive relationship where my partner would manipulate me,” he explained.

“She was hot and had a hold over me.”

He continues: “Once I had my sex doll, the sex in the relationship was removed, and I felt I gained a lot of power and a lot more confidence; I basically told her (his Girlfriend) we should just be friends”

Steve explained how his partner would try to control him by making him feel guilty about not doing enough for her and not spending enough time with her. He explained how she was very demanding even though he was doing a lot for her and spending lots of time together.

But now he is out of this relationship he feels happier. When asked how realistic he finds the love doll companion he states “I think it is very close to the real thing” and that ‘she makes me feel happy and content, and something to look forward to when I get home from work’. A typical day of Steve’s with his doll usually begins during the week in the evenings. He likes to dress her up and brush her hair and have her sitting or lying around in various positions. He believes she has a ‘real presence’ about her because she is ‘so gorgeous and realistic’.

Now, regarding Steve’s story we have been presented with an account that is both moving and powerful; allowing us to learn how someone’s life has been uplifted and improved not just through the sexual side of having a sex doll but an emotional side too. Perhaps sometimes when media and individuals are talking about the use of love dolls the sexual purposes are all that is discussed. What is often missed out, is a more profound effect that a sexdoll could have on someone, where it could go as far as giving someone a happier life, and not just because of satisfaction on a sexual basis.

You can tell from Steve’s words that he has been able to move on with his life after being stuck in a relationship where he experienced emotional abuse and that as well as being able to make the doll part of his sexual lifestyle, he enjoys spending general time with his companion too. The doll seems to generally make him feel happy as he enthuses about looking forward to seeing her after he finishes his workday. Of course with a love doll, there is no question of any forms of emotional abuse and therefore after ending the relationship as it was with his partner the emotional abuse was wiped out from his life.

It is great to hear Steven’s story and of course, there will be many other people who have a positive spin on how a love doll has shaped their lives for the better. It is worth remembering that while a sex doll will not be for everyone, it will be great if everyone could consider the positive impact that they can have on someone’s life, and not be too quick to reach unfair judgements and assume that a connection with a realistic love doll is purely sexual and can not provide anything deeper. Ultimately, experiences and time with a real love doll will vary from person to person, and what that companion brings to each person will vary, but as we can learn from Steven’s story, some great positives can occur when a sex doll is welcomed into a persons life.

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