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Creating Your Own Sex Doll

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Technology really can be an incredible thing. It adds new dimensions to already existing concepts. It allows us to do things bigger and better, and in a fresh way. It can change the way we do things and the products we use in our everyday lives. Take, for example, the technological advancements within the sex doll industry, there has been plenty of note in this past decade alone. In this article, we will focus on one development in particular that concerns creating your own sex doll!

You see, due to amazing progression in a technique known as digital mapping (the process by which a collection of data is compiled and formatted into a virtual image) we now have the actual possibility of a sex doll’s face being based off a photograph! Sounds amazing, but it is true, you can now design a love doll with a head that has been taken straight from a photo of your choosing. A team of highly skilled individuals will create a bespoke doll, lifting the details off the photo sample given, onto a doll.

There are some really exciting benefits to this. Say for instance you have a girlfriend who is away from you, perhaps she is away for a long period on a business trip, for example. Well, perhaps as a couple you could decide that you are going to create a doll's head using a photo of her. Sure, it will not be the same as having her with you, but the resemblance that the technology allows for is nothing short of impressive, and you may find having the custom doll around provides some help. Maybe you are someone who is in a long-distance relationship, physical closeness is not something you can have whilst your partner is away, but you could at least have a realistic doll of her to hold and cuddle and this may help to bridge the gap until you meet again!

The ability to create a sex doll head leads to a new level of customization and a new level of personalisation for the industry.. It has been quite a long while that customers have been able to select a body shape, and even certain facial features such as eyes, to suit their desires, but now they can make a face look like that of one captured in a photo: make no mistake it's a game-changer.

Now, naturally, of course, this is not something we would be endorsing, but we have even heard of very cheeky people getting a love doll made up to look like their friends' girlfriends! Several news sources have reported it as an increasingly common thing. Of course, if you do decide that you want to use photos for this creation, always ensure you have the permission of the person of which you want to be face - copying.

It may be that you want to create that special head from a photo for your next love doll purchase. But are you wondering how you go about it? Well don’t worry any further, one of the company greats of Australia is here as always to answer your needs. We, at Southern Treasures, can have a sex doll head copied at one of our factories based on photographs you provide. For best results, we recommend several images, and varied angles. The head only option is from $3,900AUD. You could also purchase a head, plus a body type from our range from $6,799AUD. By purchasing from us, you can rest easy knowing not only will you have a realistic body built to our usual high standard, but also a head that is unique to you. So, give us a call or email to discuss further details so you can be one step closer to having the ultimate sex doll of your dreams!

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